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The Double-Edged Sword of Medical Professionals’ Apologies

Inside Medical Liability

Third Quarter 2019

Author: Bonnie G. Ackerman

Bonnie Ackerman (Of Counsel-White Plains) wrote “The Double-Edged Sword of Medical Professionals’ Apologies” for the Third Quarter 2019 issue of Inside Medical Liability magazine. The article details the pros and cons and legislation related to the ramifications of apologies by physicians in the event of adverse medical outcomes. Bonnie notes, “Notwithstanding our increasingly litigious society, the fact remains that a negative medical outcome does not necessarily equate to medical malpractice.” She advises that physicians consult with counsel in their respective states before an adverse medical outcome arises so they fully understand the potential impact of expressions of apology, sympathy, or benevolence − in the context of the language and scope of any applicable apology laws. 

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