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Informed Insurance: Thought Leadership 2019/20

September 20, 2019

Authors: Francis P. Manchisi, James K. Thurston, Carl J. Pernicone, Ryan A. Williams, Ricki E. Roer, David M. Ross, Paul S. White

As a Legalign Global member firm, we are pleased to share Informed Insurance 2019/20, an in-depth report from Legalign Global specialists worldwide covering a wide range of insurance risks and hot topics. 

Domestic and international clients will find strategic insights into emerging market issues such as artificial intelligence and automated vehicles, increasing government regulation of the industry, climate change, the #metoo movement and the workplace, class actions and Brexit.

Wilson Elser partners contributing to the report include Frank Manchisi, Jim Thurston, Carl Pernicone, Ryan Williams, Ricki Roer, David Ross and Paul White. Each provides a domestic perspective on these global issues and their practical implications for organizations.

Visit the new Informed Insurance” microsite to stay informed and ahead of the curve.

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