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Law360 Publishes Mayo and Stutz on Compliance Issues Stemming from “Work-from-Anywhere” Arrangements


May 13, 2021

Celena Mayo (New York, NY | Garden City, NY) and Laura Stutz (Of Counsel-Florham Park, NJ) co-authored “4 Compliance Concerns for Multistate Remote Work Setups,” published in Law360 on May 12, 2021. As employers increasingly embrace “work-from-anywhere” arrangements, Celena and Laura discuss the legal compliance obligations employers need to be aware of to prepare for a multi-state workforce. The authors address issues such as reductions to compensation when employees reduce their cost of living due to a move, multi-jurisdiction wage payment law compliance, proper unemployment and workers’ compensation participation, leave compliance and the importance of understanding federal and state discrimination statutes in each jurisdiction where a remote employee is located. Celena and Laura caution employers to be aware of differing, and often conflicting, state laws and to take stock in whether the flexibility and financial benefits of a “work-from-anywhere” situation outweigh the legal compliance obligations.

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