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Relias Media Quotes Fernandez on Possible Post-COVID-19 MedMal Case Surge

Relias Media

November 4, 2021

Author: Emily L. Fernandez

Emily Fernandez (Partner-White Plains, NY) was quoted in “Post-COVID Could Bring Surge in Med Mal Cases,” an article in the November 1, 2021, edition of Relias Media. The COVID-19 pandemic placed added strains on hospitals, and patients were hesitant to check in for unrelated services, and some risk managers believe hospitals will see an increase in medical malpractice cases. Emily thinks “the most immediate influx of lawsuits … will be cases arising from care and treatment in 2020 and 2021 that courts did not dismiss under more recently enacted immunity statutes relative to the pandemic.” Additionally, she notes an uptick in visits does not necessarily translate to a greater incidence of lawsuits as “policies can be put in place with an aim toward smarter, more streamlined hospital visits when it comes to elective surgeries in order to address the demand and result in benefit to hospitals, insurance providers, and patients.”

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