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Informed Insurance Publishes Russell and DAC Beachcroft Colleagues on Need to Evolve Regulatory and Legislative Frameworks

“Sustainability Through Technology: Managing the Transition”

September 28, 2022

Angela Russell (Partner-Baltimore, MD) collaborated with DAC Beachcroft colleagues Peter Allchorne, Hamza Drabu and Charlotte Halford on a September 28, 2022, article released in conjunction with Legalign Global. “Sustainability Through Technology: Managing the Transition,” part of DACB’s new thought leadership campaign – Unlocking the potential of ESG: resilience, sustainability and collaboration – posits the “UK could become a centre of technological excellence and create an environment that attracts, supports and retains the entrepreneurial starts-ups that will drive the global economy in the future, but to achieve this it will need to evolve its regulatory and legislative frameworks.”

Speaking to technology and liability in the health care arena, Angela noted, “There was a lot of concern about a wave of litigation on the back of the increased use of telemedicine. I have now been speaking about it for more than 10 years and the influx of litigation has not happened.” Rather, she says, increased use of telemedicine “is prompting moves to more national legislation and the development of more interstate agreements around the local licenses needed to practice medicine.”

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