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Meer and DAC Beachcroft London Attorneys Co-Author Article on Legal Privilege for Forensic Reports

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February 28, 2023

Jonathan Meer (Partner-New York, NY) collaborated with Patrick Hill and Brett Randles (DAC-B-London) on “U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Leaves Uncertainty around Legal Privilege for Forensic Reports,” which appeared in Legalign Global firm DAC Beachcroft’s Articles section on February 28, 2023. The article addresses recent developments in the United States regarding privilege of a cyber forensic investigation and how these developments may impact the same privilege in the UK, and describes the U.S. Supreme Court’s consideration in January 2023 in the case of In Re Grand Jury of the question of whether communications that were a combination of legal and non-legal advice are protected by attorney-client privilege, when legal advice was a predominant reason for the communication. However, the Supreme Court dismissed the certiorari as improvidently granted and did not provide any clarity on the issue.

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