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Wilson Elser’s 2018 Punitive Damages Review

January 2018

A highly-valued and requested resource guide, the Review provides an overview of constitutional and statutory limitations on punitive damages. It also summarizes the laws in each state.

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The 2018 Punitive Damages Review provides an overview of constitutional and statutory limitations on punitive damages and summarizes the laws of each state, including:

  • Whether punitive damages may be awarded
  • What conduct must be proven under what burden of proof
  • Whether there are statutory caps or other limits on the amount of punitive damages
  • Whether insurance coverage of punitive damages is prohibited 
  • Whether the state receives a share of punitive damages awards. 

This is a general guide including a useful single page summary designed to place at your fingertips preliminary evaluations of punitive damages situations. However, these types of claims often involve complex issues that require specific analysis beyond the scope of this publication.

We hope you will find the Review to be a valuable resource tool. For more information or questions, please contact any Wilson Elser attorney or

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