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Kathleen Wilkinson Assumes Position as Chancellor-Elect of the Philadelphia Bar Association

January 18, 2012

One year after being elected Vice Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, Kathleen Wilkinson (Partner-Philadelphia) has assumed her successive position as Chancellor-Elect of the Philadelphia Bar – the second highest office in the association. She will move into the highest position, Chancellor, in January 2013.

As Chancellor-Elect, Ms. Wilkinson oversees the appointment of several high-level positions including the vice chair of the Board of Governors, vice chair of the Judicial Commission, vice chair of the Federal Courts Committee, and vice chair of the Women’s Rights Committee, among others.

According to the Philadelphia Bar Association, “The Chancellor-Elect shall exercise the powers and perform the duties of the Chancellor in the absence or disability of the Chancellor and shall perform such other functions as may be delegated to the Chancellor-Elect by the Chancellor and as are required by resolution of the Board or by [the] Bylaws.” This could include speaking on behalf of the Chancellor with regard to the association's position on important issues facing the legal community.

Ms. Wilkinson also recently was appointed to the board of the Philadelphia Board Foundation, the charitable arm of the Philadelphia Bar Association.The foundation is dedicated to promoting access to justice for all people in the community, particularly those struggling with poverty, abuse and discrimination.

Ms. Wilkinson has served in leadership roles in the Philadelphia Bar Association since 1998 when she co-chaired the association’s Women in the Profession Committee. She has been a member of the bar association’s Cabinet since 2005, serving as assistant secretary and secretary. She has also co-chaired the State Civil Litigation Section, the State Civil Rules and Procedure Committee, the Women in the Profession Committee, the Raising the Bar Campaign, and she continues to co-chair the Ruth Bader Ginsburg "Pursuit of Justice" Legal Writing Competition.

Founded in 1802, the Philadelphia Bar Association has 13,000 members and is Pennsylvania’s largest local bar association and the oldest chartered metropolitan bar association in the United States.

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