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EnergyWire Queries Wilkinson and Pernicone on the Bureau of Land Management’s Controversial Fracking Regulatory Scheme

April 21, 2015

Kathleen Wilkinson (Partner-Philadelphia) and Carl Pernicone (Partner-White Plains) were interviewed for a March 27, 2015, article, “Federal fracking rule pelted with lawsuits; more on the way,” in E&E Publishing, LLC’s EnergyWire. The two believe that the Bureau of Land Management’s new rule for fracking and drilling on public and American Indian lands can be used by both industry and environmentalists to bolster future claims. For industry, they said, the rule encapsulates the federal government's position that the risks of unconventional drilling can be mitigated: “[we can responsibly] obtain the benefits of mineral development while protecting other resources.” On the other hand, they said, the rule gives environmentalists a benchmark that could be used to pressure regulators to enhance state-level rules for drilling and fracking.

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