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Law360 Covers Discrimination Case Against a Law Firm and Its Former Partner Successfully Co-defended by Louis Isaacsohn

July 30, 2015

Louis Isaacsohn (Partner-Philadelphia) successfully co-defended the firm’s clients, a law firm and its former partner, against claims that they inappropriately interfered with another firm’s job offer to a gay attorney, which was withdrawn. Law360 reported on the case in which the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas jury concluded that the information the former partner shared with leadership at his new firm was within bounds. Throughout the two-week trial, the defense team, including Lou, worked to justify the former partner’s decision to tell leadership at the new firm that the plaintiff had threatened to sue the firm’s client for sexual orientation discrimination on the way out the door. They argued that the threat together with the plaintiff’s request that the former partner be kept in the dark formed a betrayal that would make it impossible for the two to work together. The former partner had planned to bring the plaintiff, his support attorney, with him as part of a move to new firm. The verdict is not the end of the road, however, as the plaintiff will appeal.

Read the article in Law360.

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