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The Legal Intelligencer Quotes Jon Dryer on Pennsylvania’s Strict-Liability Medical Device Law

July 31, 2015

Jonathan Dryer (Partner-Philadelphia) was quoted in an article in the July 28, 2015, issue of The Legal Intelligencer entitled “Pa. Strict-Liability Medical Device Law Clear ... Sort of.” The article posits that days after a federal judge said Pennsylvania law was hazy on whether strict liability medical-device claims are barred, attorneys in the practice area said the state's courts have been perfectly clear on the matter – though each offered a different interpretation. Jon Dryer believes the issue could become as big a deal as Tincher as soon as the right case hits the state Supreme Court's docket. "If you look at this,” Jon says, “it's kind of where the Restatement (Third) argument was five years ago, where the Third Circuit was applying the Restatement (Third) based on a prediction" of how the state Supreme Court would rule.

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