News Brief

Lowry and Ebert Obtain Defense Decision; Plaintiff Agrees to Dismissal for Waiver of Costs

January 11, 2018

Michael Lowry (Partner-Las Vegas) and Amanda Ebert (Associate-Las Vegas) defended a mass transit services provider alleged to have injured a passenger with a wheelchair ramp while the passenger was boarding a bus. During deposition, Amanda impeached the plaintiff by noting he offered two different versions of how the event occurred. The plaintiff asserted a month of wage loss, but Amanda obtained his employment records showing he missed no work. She also was the lead attorney for the arbitration hearing, where she questioned the plaintiff’s credibility given the numerous inconsistencies in his statements. The arbitrator noted the case came down to a credibility battle between the plaintiff and the bus driver as to what happened, and determined the plaintiff lacked credibility given the issues Amanda noted. A defense decision was entered in Nevada’s Eighth Judicial District Court. 

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