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Law360 Quotes Collier on Colorado High Court’s Ruling on Appraiser Impartiality

February 23, 2018

Jessica Collier (Partner-Denver) weighed in on a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that will lay the guidance for future litigation over whether an appraiser’s conduct showed bias. The Colorado Court of Appeals held that appraisers do not need to be impartial in the “same manner as a judge, umpire or arbitrator.” Another issue on appeal is whether permitting insurance appraisers to use contingent cap fee agreements conflicts with the impartial standards of appraisers. According to Jessica and Shawna, “An appraiser’s fee should never be tied to the outcome of the appraisal … there are some high-stakes cases in which an appraiser may be swayed to provide a high damages estimate to maximize his or her fee.”

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