News Brief

Brown and Richland Obtain Defense Verdict in Premises Liability Case

May 7, 2018

Stephen P. Brown (Partner-Stamford) and Chloe Richland (Associate-Stamford) received a defense verdict on a three-week jury trial defending the company that owned the property and property-management company against a husband and wife who operated a restaurant at the premises. The slip-and-fall case involved allegations of a latent defect and a subsequent slip and fall by the wife who claimed a head injury leading to the use of a weighted vest for balance issues and the husband’s claim for loss of consortium. Upon motion in limine, the Bridgeport Superior Court limited the testimony of the plaintiffs’ experts, which led to the court granting Steve and Chloe’s motion for directed verdict as to the property management company. The jury returned a defense verdict and awarded damages on our counterclaim for breach of contract.  

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