News Brief

Wilson Elser’s Ambassador for a Better Life!

December 6, 2018

As WAVEMaker of the Year for our firm Karen L. Bashor (Of Counsel-Las Vegas) was honored to be the closing speaker for the Real Talk Youth Impact Program this December. Real Talk is a charitable program in Las Vegas that targets at-risk boys and girls, 8-18, providing free extra-curricular activities to keep them on track and out of trouble. The program teaches the kids about self-respect and self-discipline, motivates them to dream and build good character, and helps them reach their full potential as responsible citizens and future leaders. 

Karen demonstrated that she could relate to the kids by sharing the hardships she and her family experienced after they immigrated to this country to chase the American Dream. She emphasized the importance of education, staying on the right track, and overcoming adversity through the years despite race, gender, socioeconomic status or other hurdles along the way. She inspired the children to realize that her success could be anyone’s success if you work hard and stay the course. And when you reach your dream “and you will!” says Karen, “the success will be even sweeter.” 

Karen is passionate about making a difference in all the ways you can and believes that changing even one child and empowering kids to realize their dreams can begin to change the world. Please reach out to Karen if you would like to learn more about this program or donate to the cause − and help make waves in your community.


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