News Brief

Harrison and Hoynacki Obtain Defense Verdict for Periodontist in Malpractice Case

December 13, 2018

Robert W. Harrison (Partner-San Diego) and David Hoynacki (Associate-San Diego) obtained a defense verdict by a jury vote of 11-1 in a dental malpractice case related to the placement of dental implants by the firm's client, a board-certified periodontist. Plaintiff alleged that due to the negligence of the defendant she suffered permanent injuries to her left Inferior Alveolar Nerve and her Lingual Nerve resulting in pain and numbness of the left lip and chin area and numbness on the left side of the tongue resulting in the loss of the sense of taste and impaired speech. The plaintiff rejected a settlement offer suggested during mediation of $150,000 and instead asked the jury to award damages of $547,000 for general damages for past and future pain and suffering and for past and future dental/medical expenses. The jury deliberated for one hour following the five-day trial.

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