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Cinch Quotes Mermelstein on Supplemental Malpractice Coverage

December 12, 2018

Richard Mermelstein (Partner-White Plains) is quoted in the December 12, 2018, issue of Cinch regarding supplemental malpractice insurance − sometimes referred to as secondary insurance or an individual policy − a policy you buy yourself in addition to coverage you might get from your employer. According to Rich, “it all depends on what kind of control you want to have over your coverage and whether you want to protect yourself from things that might not be included in your employer’s policy.”  Rich explains, “Your name is often one of several listed in the suit. A plaintiff can always remove you from the claim once they’ve reviewed everyone’s insurance info, but having your own insurance won’t keep you from being named in the first place − and not having your own policy is not a guarantee you’ll be dropped from the suit.” 

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