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Idaho Press Quotes Stewart on Idaho State Police Seizure of Truck Transporting Hemp through the State

February 25, 2019

Ian Stewart (Partner-Los Angeles) was widely quoted in a February 22, 2019, Idaho Press article, “ISP files to seize, sell truck in hemp case, as U.S. Supreme Court frowns on practice.” The article deals with the practice of “in rem civil forfeiture,” a common way for governments to raise money by seizing vehicles, buildings and other private property used to commit crimes and sell it for a profit. But the 2018 Farm Bill makes hemp legal at the federal level, adding confusion when the product passes through various states that have their own laws. “It creates a problem right now because we have this split,” said Ian. “There should be some mitigation here,” he argued. “This is not drug running in the classical sense. … Even the trial judge in the Idaho case … seemed to sympathize, frankly, with the plight of the [hemp-derived CBD supplier], but more importantly with the driver.” 

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