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Corporate Counsel Quotes Willner and Dopson on Warning Letters to CBD Companies

April 12, 2019

Genese Dopson (Partner-San Francisco) and Neil Willner (Associate-White Plains) spoke with the author of “FDA and FTC Send out Warning Letters to CBD Companies,” which appeared in the April 4, 2019, online publication Corporate Counsel. The companies involved had advertised their products as being able to cure, prevent or alleviate symptoms of diseases. Neil noted that this was the first time the FTC has joined in on a warning letter, adding “The FDA is going to expect some scientific data from the industry to help ease concerns.” Genese said that the FDA and Congress are aware of the public interest in CBD, which could mean some kind of regulation may come soon. “In the absence of regulation, the warning letters are helpful to attorneys in the cannabis space. Within the context of these warning letters, attorneys have more grounding from which to give advice,” she said.

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