News Brief

Bashor & Smith Obtain Defense Verdict in Las Vegas Restaurant Case

April 25, 2019

Karen L. Bashor (Partner-Las Vegas) and Rebecca A. Smith (Associate-Las Vegas) defended a Las Vegas restaurant where a patron alleged that she slipped on a liquid substance on the floor and suffered injuries. The plaintiff sued for premises liability negligence and negligent hiring, training and supervision. Rebecca deposed the plaintiff and elicited additional evidence to support the defense, including an earlier incident on the same day where the plaintiff witnessed the restaurant respond promptly to another spill. As the lead attorney for the arbitration hearing, Rebecca capitalized on the plaintiff’s own testimony in support of the defense, highlighted plaintiff’s lack of credibility for the self-serving testimony as to the subject incident and used the evidence of independent witnesses to support the defense. The arbitrator found no liability whatsoever and as a result did not award plaintiff any damages. 

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