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Felder Successfully Argues before the Ninth Circuit in Wrongful Death Case

May 17, 2019
Otis Felder (Of Counsel -Los Angeles) argued to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to affirm a district court dismissal of a wrongful death case. Upon initiating an admiralty Limitation of Liability action in federal court on behalf of a jet ski rental company, the district court granted a motion to dismiss the Estate’s claim for negligent entrustment. The Estate had argued that the jet ski rental company should have known that its renter would later pick up a rider who then fell off the jet ski and drowned, not being able to swim. The district court found that the Estate had failed to establish a duty and the Estate appealed. The Estate argued to the Ninth Circuit that it should be up to a state court judge to determine whether it can establish a federal maritime law claim for negligent entrustment. The oral argument is posted on the Ninth Circuit website.

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