News Brief

Shapiro and O’Brien Secure Defense Verdict in Product Contamination Case

June 13, 2019
Beata Shapiro (Partner-Boston) and Michael O’Brien (Partner-White Plains) obtained a defense verdict in a product liability case in Norfolk County Superior Court on behalf of a salmon farm. The plaintiff, a restaurant, alleged that our client sold salmon contaminated with pathogenic E.coli, which caused severe and prolonged hospitalization of three patients, with two of them requiring extensive dialysis. The plaintiff settled with the three patrons and their families for $2.29 million and sought reimbursement of the settlement as well as attorneys’ fees, costs and pre-judgment interest. The trial lasted two and a half weeks, after which the jury returned a defense verdict after about three hours of deliberation, finding that the salmon was not contaminated when sold to the restaurant. Plaintiffs’ last demand was for full damages.

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