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Law360 Quotes Collier on Colorado’s Ruling Forbidding Appraisers to Favor Clients

July 1, 2019

Jessica Collier (Partner-Denver) was quoted in a June 26 Law360 article, “Insurance Appraisal Battles to Escalate After Colorado Ruling.” The Colorado high court provided an opening to challenge appraisal awards when it ruled that appraisers in property insurance disputes are not permitted to favor one party over the other, teeing up pitched battles over what type of appraiser conduct indicates bias. However, the two-judge dissent deemed the majority’s holding regarding appraiser impartiality a troubling development. “There is the possibility that there will be increased discovery and time spent on these issues based on this decision,” said Jessica, adding that the increased judicial scrutiny of appraiser conduct “that will likely come with the high court's decision may deter policyholders from needlessly contesting insurers’ valuations of property insurance claims.” 

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