News Brief

Kearns, Katt and Crochet Force Dismissal in Case of Helicopter vs. Horse (and Cow!)

July 12, 2019
Patrick Kearns (Partner-San Diego), Bill Katt (Partner-Milwaukee) and Sam Crochet (Associate-San Diego) recently forced a dismissal in a case brought against a firm client, a major helicopter operator, filed in Arizona Superior Court. The plaintiff alleged an air-ambulance helicopter flew lower than 100 feet over her ranch, spooking the horse she was riding and causing her to be thrown to the ground and injured. The plaintiff alleged that while on the ground she was overrun by a large bull, causing more severe injuries. She claimed the pilot was "hot-dogging" over her property. During nearly two years of litigation, Patrick, Bill and Sam obtained GPS flight data, FAA radar information, first-responder and emergency data, cell-phone records and flight information from other helicopter operators in the area at the time of the incident. Ultimately, the aviation team was able to demonstrate it could not have been the client’s helicopter at issue. In the face of overwhelming evidence, the plaintiff was forced to dismiss our client.

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