News Brief

Grace and Greco Obtain Unanimous Jury Verdict

July 24, 2019

Kathryn Grace (Partner-Virginia) and Peter Greco (Associate-Virginia) obtained a unanimous defense verdict from a jury of seven after accepting the handling of the case from another firm a mere three weeks before trial. The plaintiff alleged that an elevator's emergency backup power malfunctioned causing the elevator to "drop." Plaintiff asked the jury to award her $1.9 million in damages. Kathryn and Peter successfully excluded the extent of injuries suffered by another passenger in the elevator as well as critical opinions of the plaintiff's elevator expert's opinion due to a deficient expert designation under Virginia law. The latter severely restricted the ability of the plaintiff to establish that the elevator was in any way “hazardous.” Most importantly, the court prohibited the expert from criticizing the client in any direct fashion as a result of the motion. After brief deliberations following the three-day trial, the jury returned a unanimous defense verdict. Plaintiff subsequently attempted to appeal to the Supreme Court of Virginia, which denied plaintiff’s appeal based on Kathryn and Peter’s written opposition to plaintiff’s appeal petition and oral arguments.

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