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Law360 Features Harowski & Strasius Win in Gator Egg Dispute

August 2, 2019

Michael Harowski (Partner-New Orleans) and Anthony Strasius (Partner-Miami) successfully represented client Prada SpA in a dispute that arose following the breach of a purchase agreement for alligator eggs and hatchlings caused by the American supplier’s inability to meet its commitments. The supplier had procured only 4,487 alligator hatchlings, instead of the contractual quantity of 15,000, and then refused to refund Prada the $751,300 contractually due as the difference between the $1.2 million advance payment and the value of the 4,487 living hatchlings, according to Prada. Of the living hatchlings, only 726 were suitable for transfer upon reaching 12 months old, and because the alligators are its property, Prada transferred the hatchlings to a Louisiana-based alligator farm. In November 2017, Prada notified the supplier that the fashion house would begin arbitral proceedings in Milan, Italy, under the purchase agreement. In response to the arbitration request, the supplier sued Prada, an alligator hide vendor and the alligator farm in Florida state court. Prada removed that action to federal court in March 2018 and subsequently moved to compel arbitration. This motion was granted in 2018, and Prada will receive more than 3,000 alligator hatchlings from an alligator egg supplier after a Florida federal judge recently confirmed an arbitration award in the luxury brand's favor. 

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