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Karp and Walsh Obtain Unanimous Defense Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case in New York County

November 8, 2019

Paul Karp (Partner-New York) and Jennifer Walsh (Of Counsel-New York), after a one-month trial, received a unanimous defense verdict in New York County in a case where the plaintiff’s decedent, known to have severe aortic stenosis, underwent a cardiac catheterization performed by our insured physician. The patient ultimately consulted with the co-defendant cardiothoracic surgeon, who reviewed the angiogram performed by our insured and recommended triple bypass surgery in addition to a valve replacement. The plaintiff’s decedent died about 30 days after surgery, without leaving the hospital. It was determined during a subsequent catheterization that plaintiff’s decedent suffered an arterial spasm during the initial catheterization, as our insured physician could not administer vasodilator medication during the procedure due to the severe aortic stenosis. Paul and Jennifer’s experts refuted all of plaintiffs’ theories and opined that the standard of care was met through all parts of the decedent’s care and that none of the defendants’ actions contributed to the decedents’ injuries and death. However, we were forced to admit that, in retrospect, the coronary artery bypass graft portion of the surgery was unnecessary. Paul and Jennifer extend special thanks to Michael Stevens (Senior Counsel-New York), Judy Selmeci (Partner-New York) and Frank Howell (Paralegal-New York) for their assistance with this trial.

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