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NY Metro Medical Malpractice Mock Trial Program Reproduces Phenomena Likely to Occur in the Courtroom

November 13, 2019

Aspiring trial attorneys often struggle with the challenge of gaining real life trial experience without real world consequences. The firm’s Medical Malpractice & Health Care team has created the NY Metro Medical Malpractice Associate Training Program to alleviate the problem. 

Program leader Irv Hirsch (Partner-New York), with assistance from partner Jim Kachadoorian (White Plains) and of counsel Matt Matera (New York), has developed a program that works to create a realistic courtroom experience in the classroom. The experience begins with a statement of facts, a radiology report, text communications between the surgical resident and the surgical attending, and  a photograph depicting the plaintiff. The mock trial includes motions in limine; opening statements; direct & cross examinations of the plaintiff, plaintiff’s surgical expert, emergency room attending, surgical resident and defendant’s surgical expert; closing statements and a draft verdict sheet with liability questions. 

Each trial team consists of two associates who play the roles of plaintiff and defense counsel; one or two of counsel or junior partners appear as the five witnesses; and a senior partner presides as the trial judge. This year’s program consists of 13 trial teams with associates participating from the New York, White Plains and Stamford offices. Participating attorneys earn two CLE credits. 

The mock trial is a popular tool used by several firm practice teams to build trial skills. Please contact Irv, Jim or Matt  to learn more about producing a training program for the associates on your team.

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