News Brief

Shepperd and Tucker Prevail in Beaumont, Texas, Medical Malpractice Suit

March 3, 2020

John Shepperd (Partner-Houston) and Kaitlyn Tucker (Associate-Houston) received a unanimous defense verdict in a medical malpractice suit in Beaumont, Texas. The plaintiff alleged that the firm’s client – an interventional cardiologist – provided negligent care when the plaintiff developed a large pseudoaneurysm after an angioplasty. The physician failed to seal the bleed after several attempts and then sent the patient home with the hope that the hole in her femoral artery would seal itself over time. The patient’s condition worsened, as the pseudoaneurysm expanded into her abdomen, into her retroperitoneal cavity and down her leg. She underwent emergency surgery and spent a total of eight days in the hospital, and maintained that the delay in admitting her to the hospital lengthened her stay and led to a substantial scar and nerve damage. In contrast, the physician contended that his treatment was appropriate and the patient’s outcome would have been identical even if he had sent her to the hospital rather than sending her home. The jury sided unanimously with the John and Kaitlyn even though physician’s own expert testified that he personally would have admitted the patient to the hospital instead of sending her home.

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