News Brief

Standing Together

June 5, 2020

We all have been impacted profoundly by the events in this country over the past several days. The horrific death of George Floyd on Memorial Day is a manifestation of the systemic injustice and racial prejudice that sadly pervades much of our society. We at Wilson Elser strongly condemn intolerance in all of its forms. As Americans, as members of our communities and as an institution committed to the Rule of Law, we stand with those calling for the swift imposition of justice upon those involved in the tragic death of Mr. Floyd. 

We further support the demand for reform to address racism, discrimination and brutality. We join with all of those advancing that cause as peaceful and lawful protesters. Freedom of Speech is a central tenet of democracy, and change for the better will only occur if those suffering injustice have been heard – and we as a community take constructive action in response. 

There are those who have taken advantage of events to engage in criminal and violent acts. We of course condemn such conduct. 

Diversity and Inclusion are critical to the central values we hold at Wilson Elser. It is those shared values that bind us together and give us strength. In times such as these, we must each recommit to those values, take care of each other and unite in support of positive change to move our society forward.

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