News Brief

Stopnik and Farmer Display Resourceful Lawyering in New COVID-19 Court Proceedings

June 15, 2020

Scott Stopnik (Partner-White Plains) and Jana Farmer (Partner-White Plains) secured dismissal of a premises liability case in which the plaintiff failed to appear for numerous court-ordered depositions for more than a year. Earlier, plaintiff’s counsel successfully moved to be removed as counsel on the grounds that plaintiff has not been responsive to attempts to contact him. During a recent telephonic status conference with Justice St. George of Suffolk County Supreme Court, Scott and Jana engineered a scenario where prior counsel for the plaintiff provided the court with the plaintiff’s telephone number and the court placed a call to the plaintiff directly. After successfully establishing contact with the plaintiff on the line, Justice St. George questioned the plaintiff as to the reasons for his failures to appear for court-ordered depositions. Scott and Jana immediately made a verbal motion to dismiss this matter for failure to prosecute, which Justice St. George granted.

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