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Business Insurance Queries Pernicone on Growth of Insurance Archaeology

October 8, 2020

Carl Pernicone (Partner-White Plains) was quoted in “Emerging Liabilities Fuel Deep Dig for Insurance Coverage,” which appeared in the October 6, 2020, edition of Business Insurance regarding insurance archaeology. This specialty service reconstructs historical coverages in response to statutes in some states that allow victims to sue for damages despite legal time bars. Carl noted that insurance archeology “is an example of how a new industry can grow up as an offshoot of something else,” here, long-tail injury litigation. He also observed that “The reason why [policyholders] want to go back in time is that the more recent policies are more likely to have limitations on coverage.” Further, Carl noted, “It becomes very attractive for policyholders in long-tail injury cases to reconstruct the older policies because of the likely absence of any exclusions.”

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