News Brief

Wilson Elser Attorneys Join Legalign Global Colleagues to Predict International Insurance Risks for 2021

January 25, 2021

Authors: Jonathan E. Meer, Carl J. Pernicone, Lori Rosen Semlies, Jianlin Song, Ian A. Stewart

Legalign Global’s Informed Insurance microsite hosted by member firm DAC Beachcroft again publishes “Predictions” by member firm attorneys who offer their insights on the opportunities and challenges that the insurance market may face in the coming year and beyond. Their insights are categorized by service line and theme.

Contributing Wilson Elser attorneys this year are Samantha Alongi, Jonathan Meer, Carl Pernicone, Lori Semlies, Jianlin Song and Ian Stewart. Each provides a domestic perspective on global themes and comments on practical implications for organizations.
Read this year’s “Predictions” at Informed Insurance.

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