News Brief

Vignali & Maynard Secure Quick Defense Verdict in Texas Federal Court Table Saw Case

July 8, 2021

Russ Vignali (Partner-White Plains, NY | New York, NY) and Allison Maynard (Partner-Dallas, TX) secured a defense verdict in a case involving the design of a table saw while representing the firm’s manufacturer client and the table saw’s “big box” retailer. The plaintiff sustained a hand injury while operating the table saw and alleged that it lacked “flesh-detection” technology, a safety feature that would have prevented serious injury. Russ and Allison argued that the technology was not a “safer alternative design” because it was not technologically or economically feasible for the small table saw at issue. They also argued that the table saw was safely designed even without the “flesh detection” technology and that the plaintiff caused his own accident by using the table saw without its blade guard and other safety features in place. The jury took only a half-hour to deliberate. The trial was the first post-pandemic trial in the Western District of Texas.

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