News Brief

Takacs Secures Summary Judgment in Products Liability Action

July 21, 2021

Michael S. Takacs (Partner-Philadelphia, PA) secured a summary judgment dismissal on behalf of the former owner of a manufacturing company, in a products liability action filed in the Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. The plaintiff filed claims for strict products liability, negligence and breach of warranty against a number of defendants, including the firm’s client, after sustaining injury and amputation to her fingers when she knowingly placed her hand near moving parts inside a machine referred to as a “tumbler.” After more than two years of discovery, Mike filed for a motion for summary judgment on behalf of the client, asserting that the plaintiff could not identify the manufacturer of the machine and that it had been modified since the original purchase. The court agreed and issued an opinion granting summary judgment on the basis that the plaintiff did not produce any actual evidence or an expert report that the client was responsible or liable for the machine at issue or that plaintiff’s injuries were caused by any component part for which the client may have been responsible. 

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