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Legalign Global Member DAC Beachcroft Quotes Pernicone on Climate Change Insurance Concerns in Informed Insurance

September 23, 2021

Carl Pernicone (Partner-White Plains, NY) contributed to an article titled “Climate Change – The Green Heart of Environmental, Social and Governance Issues,” which appeared in the September 2021 edition of DAC Beachcroft’s Informed Insurance. The article discusses how climate change is now at the top of the global political agenda and how the insurance industry is at the heart of this challenge in regard to strategic planning for financial institutions. In his comments, Carl reflects on how the Biden Administration could affect the insurance industry’s response to potential climate change policy and identifies how federal versus state climate change litigation could impact outcomes. “If they [cases] are litigated in state courts you could get conflicting, divergent views on an issue that has national implication.” Fellow Legalign Global attorneys Denise Eastlake from DAC Beachcroft and Scott Harcus from Alexander Holburn also contributed.

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