News Brief

Ramirez and Lai Obtain Jury Defense Verdict in Slip-and-Fall Case

September 30, 2021

Las Vegas partner Jorge A. Ramirez and associate I-Che Lai obtained a defense verdict in a slip- and-fall case before a jury in the Eighth Judicial District Court, Clark County, Nevada. The firm defended both a mall owner and its janitorial company against plaintiff’s claim that she slipped on melted ice cream that was negligently left on the premises causing a known hazard. She also claimed that the lack of security camera evidence was sufficient to show that the regular maintenance was not done as described in the janitorial company's maintenance logs. Jorge and I-Che successfully argued that it was the plaintiff's burden to establish that the documented maintenance patrols were not done, and not the defendants’ burden to prove they were. Finally, Jorge and I-Che established the plaintiff’s complete lack of creditability in regard to her preexisting conditions, which she attempted to blame on the incident, seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in future treatments. This led nearly all of the treating physicians on the case to recant their original causation opinions at their depositions and the jury to dismiss plaintiff’s entire testimony, awarding Jorge and I-Che a defense verdict for the firm’s clients.

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