News Brief

Los Angeles Attorneys Secure Dismissal of Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

October 7, 2021

Los Angeles partner Gregory Lee and associate Daniel Lee successfully defended a global security services provider against federal civil rights claims brought by a Muslim American female under 42 USC sections 1983 and 2000a in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. The client's employee required the plaintiff to remove her hijab before entering a metal detector at a building operated by the County of Los Angeles. The plaintiff alleged a violation of her constitutional right to religious expression and sought injunctive relief among other damages. With regard to the 42 USC 1983 claim, Greg and Dan filed motions to dismiss, arguing that the requirement, without more, did not violate the right to freedom of religious expression. Their motions to dismiss also argued that the plaintiff had failed to adequately allege facts establishing the limited exceptions to the general rule that private parties are not state actors acting under color of state law. With regard to the 42 USC section 2000a claim, they argued the plaintiff had failed to comply with mandatory notice requirements under Title II. The court granted the team’s motions to dismiss the plaintiff's federal civil rights claims, with prejudice.

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