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Business Insurance Quotes Buchalski at 2021 Virtual Cannabis & Hemp Conference

October 25, 2021

Jeremy Buchalski (Partner-New York, NY) was quoted in “Cannabis to Treat Injured Workers Appears Closer to Acceptance,” an article in the October 20, 2021, issue of Business Insurance, which recapped certain discussions at its 2021 Virtual Cannabis & Hemp Conference. Cases heard in courts in New York, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey and New Hampshire have helped progress cannabis as medical treatment in the eyes of the law and insurance. According the Jeremy, “For a long time, workers’ compensation did not consider medical marijuana a treatment option. But in the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of litigation, and the interesting thing about these cases is they all come back to the issue of federal preemption … The 2018 Farm Bill ‘essentially’ legalized hemp, allowing the CBD market to explode onto the shelves.”  

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