News Brief

Terranova and Scott Secure Defense Verdict for Senior Care Facility in Wrongful Death Action

October 27, 2021

Jodi Terranova (Partner-Washington, DC) and Timothy Scott (Associate-Washington, DC) successfully defended a senior care facility in a wrongful death claim in which the plaintiff alleged the insured breached the standard of care in failing to prevent her mother's death, which resulted from her fall from a wheelchair at the nurse's station. Plaintiff alleged the standard of care required a one-to-one sitter or constant observer at the nurse's station with the patient. The fall was captured on security video footage. Jodi and Tim’s experts testified that the standard of care does not require a one-to-one sitter or constant observer, and there was a medical cause of the fall. The jury, which was selected via Zoom, returned a verdict in under an hour in the trial conducted at Prince George's County Circuit Court in Maryland.

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