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Hammer and Kelly Obtain Defense Verdict in Psychiatric Malpractice Jury Trial against $5 Million Demand

December 21, 2021

Scott Hammer (Of Counsel-Chicago, IL) and Krysten C. Kelly (Of Counsel-Chicago, IL) obtained a defense verdict following a two-week wrongful death, psychiatric malpractice jury trial in DuPage County, Illinois. The deceased was treated by the firm’s client psychiatrists after she poisoned and attacked her son with a knife and then attempted suicide. She was prescribed three medications, including anti-convulsant/mood stabilizer Depakote, and later passed away from liver failure. The plaintiff sued the firm’s clients for failure to monitor Depakote and order repeat liver function tests. Scott and Krysten were granted their motion in limine to bar more than $500,000 in medical bills, as none were produced prior to trial. The plaintiff’s attorney asked for $5 million in damages during his closing and the jury returned a defense verdict in favor of the firm’s clients within 90 minutes. Keti Mebuke (Associate-Chicago, IL), Karen Bettcher (Associate- Chicago, IL), and Elise Malin (Legal Staff Assistant-Chicago, IL) assisted during trial.

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