News Brief

Vignali and Vaccaro Achieve Unanimous Defense Verdict Against $9 Million Demand

April 25, 2022

Russ Vignali (Partner-White Plains, NY) and Matthew Vaccaro (Associate-New York, NY) achieved a unanimous defense verdict in the Eastern District of New York following a four-day trial. The plaintiff alleged that he lost a non-dominant index finger and suffered severe lacerations to his thumb due to a defect in a benchtop table saw manufactured by the firm’s client, which supposedly resulted in a kickback and a violently ejected workpiece. Russ and Matt argued that the plaintiff was not injured during a kickback, but was instead injured by contacting the unguarded saw blade. In his closing, Russ emphasized that the plaintiff had removed the blade guard before the accident and had admitted that, after the accident, one-half of the workpiece remained on the saw’s table and one-half was still in his hand, calling into question the veracity of the plaintiff’s story about the kickback and thrown workpiece. The jury returned its verdict in less than two hours. Demand before trial was $9 million.

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