News Brief

Perez and Harowski Obtain Dismissal with Prejudice in Boating Accident Case

April 29, 2022

Partners Raymond Perez (White Plains, NY) and Michael Harowski (New Orleans, LA) obtained dismissal with prejudice of product liability claims against the manufacturer of a boat’s hydraulic steering system, resulting in a judgment of no liability in favor of the client in the District Court for the Parish of Terrebonne, Louisiana. Per surveillance video footage, the two plaintiffs were racing their respective boats at high speeds down a narrow Louisiana bayou when the first boat suddenly turned in front of the second boat, causing a collision that launched the second boat into the air, throwing it into a docked shrimp boat. The driver of the second boat suffered serious permanent physical and cognitive disabilities. Both drivers sued the firm’s client alleging the steering system was defectively designed and manufactured. Raymond and Mike filed a summary judgment motion citing evidence and expert opinion that established the broken steering system was a result of the high-speed collision, not the cause of it. The plaintiffs agreed to dismiss their claims against the client with prejudice rather than oppose the summary judgment motion.

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