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Insurance Journal’s Insuring Cannabis Podcast Hosts Meer on ESG-Related D&O Liability for Cannabis Industry

May 4, 2022

Jonathan Meer (Partner-New York, NY) was a guest on April 7, 2022, on an Insurance Journal Insuring Cannabis podcast titled “Takeaways from Our Conversation on ESG Risks in Cannabis.” The discussion focused on how the cannabis industry attracts many younger customers, a group that typically weighs environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues as important concepts. It was described that while cannabis companies might make statements on ESG issues such as pledges to become carbon neutral or to bolster diversity, these statements can lead to director and officer liability. Jonathan noted: “When the director and officer is putting himself out there by representing that the company is going to do one of these things … what are the potential … repercussions of that in terms of liability that can be brought through the courts?”

Read the Article and listen to the Podcast.

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