News Brief

Lum, Wilder and Swanson Secure Unanimous Jury Defense Verdict in Liability Suit

May 13, 2022

Larry Lum (Partner-New York, NY) assisted by Ellyn Wilder (Partner-New York, NY) and Suzanne Swanson (Of Counsel-New York, NY) secured a unanimous defense verdict on behalf of an insured driver in Kings County Supreme Court after a two-day liability trial. The plaintiff, a pizza deliveryman, claimed the firm’s client had turned left into a driveway in front of his bicycle without signaling,  striking the bicycle and causing the plaintiff to sustain injuries and require surgery. He claimed that the firm’s client was negligent in failing to properly signal and failing to properly observe the plaintiff before turning. The team stressed that the evidence revealed the plaintiff had hit the defendant’s vehicle, and not vice versa. The jury rendered a unanimous defense verdict in less than 20 minutes.

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