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The National Law Review Recognizes Wilson Elser as a 2022 “Go-To Thought Leader”

December 20, 2022

Wilson Elser is among the 75 Go-To Thought Leaders recognized by The National Law Review in 2022 for the firm’s articles under the Cannabis banner for Delta-8 and Edible THC News. “Distinguished authors such as Ian A. Stewart (Partner-Los Angeles, CA) and Leia Leitner (Associate-Orlando, FL) not only demonstrate impressive legal knowledge but write with an eye toward compliance or suggestions on how to adapt to legal changes. Along with attracting high numbers of readers to the National Law Review site, they are frequently referenced and syndicated by other media. With the lingering challenges of COVID-19, inflation and ongoing global crises, the timely and insightful analysis from the publication’s talented contributors has become even more important and impactful.”

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