News Brief

Catalanotti and Herman Successfully Defend Attorney Client

March 2, 2023

Peter Catalanotti (Partner-San Francisco, CA) and Madonna Herman (Of Counsel-San Francisco, CA) obtained a verdict in favor of the attorney client in a legal malpractice action following a two-week jury trial. The plaintiff/former client, also a practicing attorney, alleged and provided expert and lay testimony that the attorney client breached the standard of care in an underlying partnership dispute lawsuit. The jury found that (1) the attorney had not breached the standard of care; and (2) the plaintiff had not proven that had the alleged malpractice not taken place, the plaintiff would have had a better result in the underlying trial. The jury also found in favor of attorney client on his cross-complaint for breach of the engagement letter (for non-payment of $130,000+ in fees and costs). Prior to trial, the plaintiff’s demand was $850,000. The trial was bifurcated such that the damages portion (on the cross-complaint) will take place in April in a bench trial.

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