The California Edition of the Employment & Labor Newsletter

April 2017

Exceptions to California’s “Going and Coming” Rule

In Lynn v. Tatitlek Support Services, Inc., E063585, Super.Ct.No. CIVBS1200525, 2/22/17, the plaintiffs appealed a summary judgment at the California Court of Appeal granted to Tatitlek Support Services, Inc. in a wrongful death action after temporary employee Abdul Formoli caused a fatal automobile accident.
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Los Angeles: The Latest City to Ban the Box

Effective January 22, 2017, Los Angeles became the latest major city to “ban the box” and prohibit employers from obtaining information about an applicant’s criminal history during the initial stages of employment. The Los Angeles Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring makes it unlawful for employers to inquire into an applicant’s criminal history on an employment application or at any point during the interview process until after a conditional offer of employment is made.
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Potential Shifts in Employment Law under the Trump Administration

With stories of “fake” news, agency leaks and Russian election influence continuing to dominate the headlines, the Trump Administration’s impact on the employment law landscape is not getting much attention. However, savvy employers, executives and insurance professionals are monitoring how the new administration will impact, and in some cases likely remarkably change, the employment law landscape.
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California Supreme Court on Employee Rest Periods


The California Supreme Court recently published Augustus et al., v. ABM Security Services, Inc. holding that California law prohibits on-duty and/or on-call rest periods, and instead requires employers to relieve their employees of all work related duties and employer control during 10-minute rest breaks.
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