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December 2017

patent trollsPatent Trolls and Transportation Companies

Even though courts and legislatures balance the tactics of the patent trolls, every transportation or logistics company needs to be wise and aware of the risks it faces when purchasing or leasing technology − aware not only of the technology it purchases but also of the demand letter that arrives in the mail from a patent troll.

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dashcamsDashcams: Not Just for Viral Videos

In the near future, self-driving trucks and cars may remove the human equation altogether. The data used to power these vehicles and to “drive” them likely will be available to investigate accidents that aren’t prevented by the self-driving technology. Until self-driving vehicles “arrive,” dashcam footage is a valuable data point that commercial trucking companies and drivers can add to their fleets to aid in the investigation of crashes.

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potholesPotholes Ahead for Marijuana-Impaired Driving Regulation

Most people know that driving impaired is illegal, regardless of the substance. Yet many people don’t realize how difficult it is to reliably test for cannabis intoxication. Determining actual impairment following marijuana use is far more complex than the simple and reliable tests used to detect alcohol impairment.

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