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March 2018

Pre-Trip Inpections - The Hub: Transportation NewsletterPre-trip Inspections: Are You Doing Enough?

Every driver who earns a commercial driver’s license must demonstrate that he or she knows how to conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection. However, as technology on commercial vehicles changes, each driver in a fleet needs to understand how to properly conduct a pre-trip inspection on the specific vehicle he or she is driving.
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Transportation Alert - The Hub: Transportation NewsletterTransportation Alert: Picking the Wrong Freight Forwarder Can Obligate the Shipper to Pay Twice

A shipper bears the risk when it chooses to pay for freight charges through a broker rather than directly to the carrier. In the United States, the general rule is that the carrier gets paid. In other words, if a shipper pays an intermediary, but the intermediary does not forward the funds to the carrier, then the shipper is obligated to issue a second payment to the carrier.
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U.S. Supreme Courts - The Hub: Transportation NewsletterU.S. Supreme Court Set to Weigh in on Binding Arbitration Clauses in Trucking Industry Independent Contractor Agreements

In a brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Chamber of Commerce of the United States noted that between 2010 and 2014, the number of independent contractors increased by 2.1 million workers, accounting for 28.8 percent of all jobs added in America. Given the upward trend of the independent contractor’s role in the trucking industry, any ruling that negatively affects the cost efficiency with which the industry operates will have far-reaching consequences on companies, individuals and indirect market participants.
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